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Miller Audio Research maintains a close working relationship with all its customers, providing support, updates and a sympathetic response to requests for more specialised features. As a result of this input from real engineers tackling real-life production problems, the QC Suite's functionality grows year on year, as does its extended family of users. Here are a few of the companies that have benefited from deploying one or more QC Suite Functional Testing Stations.

Naim Audio




Mr Jon Beauchamp, Senior Technician in Naim Audio's production department, poses with their new Multichannel QC Suite. With both its AV2 processor and now the DVD5 player firing on not two but six channels, the ability to test a host of functions on all channels simultaneously is vital.

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A last-minute tweak is applied to the DVD5's new multichannel board before the player is rigorously tested with both CD and multichannel DVD-A media.

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An operator responds to verbal commands issued by the QC Suite, which uses customer's own wav files to communicate in any language. The TV monitors, used here to check the on-screen display from its award-winning DV88 and FMJ DV27 DVD players, are now replaced by a programmable pop-up video window on the QC Suite itself.

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Mr Rob Collins, Arcam's chief production and test engineer, stands by three more QC Suite Stations used on the amplifier production line. On the bench are Arcam's legendary A65 integrated amplifiers.

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Chord Electronics




Mr Matt Bartlett is about to begin testing a pair of Chord's substantial SPM-6000 monoblock power amplifiers. Chord's QC Suite was commissioned in a custom blue finish to match the décor of "The Pump House".

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