The Multichannel QC Suite


The Problem

As the development of both two-channel and multi-channel audio equipment becomes ever more complex, so too do the challenges faced by production engineers. Streamlining front-of-line and final functional testing procedures into one continuous and largely automated process is arguably the most viable option for the consistent manufacture of high quality consumer electronics.

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Automated testing for a multichannel world

The Solution

In common with its 2-channel predecessor, the new 6-12 channel QC Suite Functional Testing Station delivers high levels of automation over a diverse range of AV product types. Once again, it looks set to be relied upon for its power and flexibility, not only in some of the most demanding 'high-end' audio factories around the world but also by the leading specialist hi-fi and home cinema press. The QC Suite is a truly inclusive solution, requiring no additional test loads, cables, test discs or IR control devices before being implemented. Furthermore, the QC Suite requires no previous programming experience on the part of production Technicians and yet succeeds in offering the widest range of genuinely useful test functions. Most QC Suites are installed, Test Sequences written, Operators trained and production lines left flowing with significantly enhanced efficiency within one day!

The Solution Provider

The QC Suite is produced by Miller Audio Research (MAR), combining the efforts and experience of the industry's leading hardware and software engineers. MAR has tested and had published hundreds of in-depth lab reports on CD/SACD/DVDA players, amplifiers and related AV electronics. This experience is embodied in the latest, Multichannel QC Suite in a highly intuitive form, ensuring that its customers derive maximum value from every Station from day one.

Test solutions provided by MAR are in use by major companies in the UK, USA and Far East.


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