The Multichannel QC Suite
          ... The Engine


The heart of the QC Suite is its Engine, a highly customised system using the highest quality Intel motherboards and dual-core processors and populated with a variety of 6 or 12-channel data acquisition, signal generation and communication cards. Multichannel DSP, Network, GPIB, DI/O, video and S/PDIF hardware is installed according to local requirements. It is this modular architecture that ensures the Multichannel QC Suite remains both economical and readily upgradable. Unlike conventional, hardware-based instrumentation, the QC Suite can evolve according to your needs, responding efficiently to the evolution of new audio formats and the challenges they pose to test engineers.

The QC Suite Station

An entry-level QC Suite comprises all the functionality required to test stereo and multichannel media players (CD, DVD, SACD etc), preamplifiers and AV processors. Dolby licencees have the option of fully automated conformance testing using both Dolby's DVD 1.5 test disc (for 5.1 channel DVD players) and the QC Suite's bitstream digital output (for AV processors).

Programmable test loads and signal conditioning are provided by the Function Junction interface with full remote control over the Unit Under Test (UUT) afforded by both RS232 and an integral universal, learning remote control. A custom cable set, test discs and sample Test Sequences complete every Station.


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