The QC Suite
          ... Advanced Features

Configuration window

Ease-of-use and almost total automation are the strengths of the QC Suite. In its latest guise, the multichannel QC Suite will test all 6 channels of a 5.1 channel DVD-A player or AV processor simultaneously, improving quality control while reducing time-to-market.

Our integral IR control enables UUT inputs to be switched, tracks skipped and volume controls adjusted with no Operator involvement. Commands are swiftly learned with our pop-up IR wizard through the distinctive "Q" window on the front of the QC Suite. Any IR command or macro may be incorporated as a step in a Test Sequence. Similar levels of automation are achieved through RS232 control, another option easily implemented via the QC Suite's Configuration window.

The Statistical Analysis window

The QC Suite also incorporates powerful analytical, statistical and plotting tools. Graph data may be stored for further analysis at a later data or comparison with results from other products. Meanwhile, our plotting tools are sufficiently flexible to satisfy the most critical Art Editors of today's consumer electronics magazines!

Statistical control is vital for the modern factory. Once sufficient numbers of a product have been tested, the results may be incorporated into its Test Sequence as a further 'safety net', referred to as Process Limits. This allows potentially troublesome UUT's to be identified if they fall outside the normal distribution of results, despite having passed the notional Test Limit. The Statistical Analysis window is shown opposite.


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